About Us

GreenEdge Supply was established in 2013 as a division of 84 Lumber Company, when Mr. Joe Hardy, founder of 84 Lumber, had a vision of making green building another option for his valued customers. 84 Lumber, the largest privately held building products supplier within the United States, is a proven leader in the industry, and as such, is an unrivaled partner for GreenEdge Supply. 84 Lumber and GreenEdge Supply work together to educate our customers on the merits of building responsibly.
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Our website serves as a vital resource for our customers to research and communicate the standards of the ever-evolving green building industry. Our product lines were created to save energy costs, improve productivity and help preserve our environment. Our product categories are centered on 5 major concentrations: Health Consciousness, Responsible Forestry, Recycling, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation. In each of these areas we provide sustainable products and services that contribute to your triple bottom line: Economic Stability, Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility. These efficiencies translate to cost competitive products and services, all of which can be purchased through our Request a Quote feature on the website, through any of our (249) 84 Lumber store locations or direct through our dedicated account representatives.