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We strive to provide the best products we can to our customers. Everything that we supply has a manufacturing story and can be classified under one of our 5 main categories of Water Conservation, Energy Efficiencies, Recycled, Responsible Forestry or Health Consciousness. If you have a question about any of our products or want to receive a quote, please click here.


Use of our Energy Efficient products is the easiest way to combat heat and energy loss due to inefficient technology. Energy upgrades can make your home more affordable and comfortable while lowering your energy bills and your carbon footprint. Many of our products are ENERGY STAR certified and offer the benefits of efficiency without sacrificing features, performance, style or convenience.
Our Health Conscious products support an individual’s health and are for use in the design, building, and maintaining of a structure. The vast majority of our time is spent indoors, so special care needs to be taken to ensure that your time is spent in a healthy, benign environment. Healthy home concepts are easily applied to any residence or workplace.
Recycled products are the result of old materials remade into new ones. Recycling prevents waste of useful materials, unneeded energy usage and pollution, while reducing the stress on our already crowded landfills. Our recycled items provide a way for you to get a useful, beautiful product while helping the environment.
Our Responsible Forestry category was created to bring awareness to the use of forests and maintaining their productivity and regeneration. The lumber that you buy from us is sourced from responsibly managed mills. Using our bamboo, cork and reclaimed wood are all simple and beautiful ways help to preserve the world’s forests for future generations.
Our Water Conservation product category was created to aid in the management and protection of our fresh water supply. Our products were designed and selected with current and future demand on this sustainable resource in mind. Many of these products are WaterSense labeled and will help you save water and the environment.