Keeping Cool in the Warmer Months

Michelle Tascione

With spring comes an unpredictable climate, which means determining when to turn on your AC can be difficult.  In order to keep temperatures comfortable and to keep your budget intact this time of year, utilize ceiling fans and window or freestanding fans as much as possible. 

By taking advantage of energy efficient ceiling fans you can set your A/C at a higher temperature, thereby saving energy and saving you money.  A ceiling fan won’t directly cool the air by itself, but it helps to circulate the cool air better. By moving air around, it will lower your body temperature, but it will not cool the room itself.  So if you are not in the room, be sure to turn the fan off so you are not wasting any energy.  Freestanding fans act the same way.

If you want to use a window fan to take advantage of the cooler night time air, place the fan in the window once the sun goes down.  Be sure to remove it and close your windows before the sun rises though, or you may be blowing warm air into your house.  Also, use energy efficient curtains and blinds to deflect as much heat from the sun as you can.

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